Flask and Markdown, I love you!

Published on Sunday, 08 December 2013 in Blog ; tagged with blog, internship, intern, societe generale ; text version

Good morning fellows!

Since a couple of weeks, I was working on this new version of my blog.
I wasn't fulfil anymore with the previous one. The main problem was the way I had to write the posts.

In fact, I got annoyed having to use a web interface to edit a post.
Before, I had to write into a html text area, which means with all the different HTML attributes (p, h1, h2, a, etc.).

But then, I discovered Markdown, or re-discovered it in fact.

First I thought that Markdown was just for fun. I mean that it was more like a good joke than a real syntax format. It was just too simple to be true.
After a couple of time using it, I just couldn't stop anymore!
I felt like when some friends taught me Latex, but a thousand times better!

Well, I wrote this version of the blog from scratch. And this post tries to details the main changes.


A couple of things are new here:

  1. Static pages thanks to Flask-FlatPages and Markdown (my new love).
    Therefore, every single article is written (and available) in Markdown \o/
  2. A comment section thanks to html5lib and Markdown (again!)
    You can now post comments under the articles. More, they support Markdown syntax and Pygments highlights!
    They are of course sanitized (I hope they really are...) thanks to html5lib.
    I activate the CSRF protection too.
  3. A preview system for each article.
    Hope it will help you to find the article you want.
  4. A pagination system at the bottom if you want to navigate through the pages.


Among the things I have removed, there are:

  1. No more FlaskAdmin.
    There is no need for me to connect on the blog. I just have to move the markdown version of my article into the right directory.
  2. No more JavaScript in the whole blog (there was some in the ex-categories section).
    It was useless to force users to enable JS just for the categories... And dangerous because you should let that JS disabled, for everything!


  1. Move from BootStrap2 to BootStrap3.
  2. Navigation menues on your left.
    • A calendar is available. I hope it is more useful than the table like before.
    • The categories are available too.
    • Tags are available for each article.

I hope these changes will help you navigate through the different contents.


I just bought a fresh new domain name for the blog: depier.re
Some articles are missing for now. Either I judged them useless at the end, or I am rewriting them.
Most of them are online on this version. But the ones about PTS are not for instance. The reason is that I am currently working on them.

What's next?

For this blog, I will order a real SSL certificate (not a self-signed one :/).
When I will do that, I will then activate the HSTS protocol (HTTP Strict Transport Security).
Except that, I have no idea. I am fulfil with this current setup and I don't think that I will change it in the next 6 months (like the previous one ^^).

Have a good day and see you!

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