About me

Hi there, I'm Tao Sauvage, a.k.a "depierre" (French speakers will get the pun; a legacy from University). I like web security, code review, reverse engineering, playing CTF and bug hunting in my spare time.

I used to be a core developer of OWTF for several years. I started contributing with ptp, my Google Summer of Code project in 2014, followed by owtf-testing, my OWASP Winter of Code project in 2015. I then sticked around with OWTF, improving the tool and also volunteering as a mentor for both the OWASP Summer Code Sprint and the GSoC on http-request-translator and OWTF, to help students like my mentors helped me. I am also co-maintaining CANToolz, a black-box CAN network analysis framework.

I first got introduced to netsec back in high school and I never stopped since. I am now working as a Sr. Security Consultant, testing the security of a wide range of sytems on a daily basis. I enjoy learning and diving into different areas that I find particularely interesting, including white-box code review (CVE-2019-2117) and reverse engineering (ASUS HoF April and May 2019). Some of my spare time research projects led to funny results; others led to more serious issues.

It's been a while since the last time I wrote something new here. But I'm still hopeful that I'll get back to it, one day.

Feel free to ping me on twitter (@depierre_) or via email contact@depier.re.

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