About me

I'm Tao Sauvage, a.k.a "depierre" (French speakers will get the pun; a legacy from University). I like reverse engineering, playing CTF security competitions and coding in my spare time.

I am a core developer of OWTF (I started with a Google Summer of Code project in 2014) and I maintain ptp, initially my GSoC project, and http-request-translator, both used by OWTF. I also volunteer as a mentor for different student programs such as GSoC, OWASP Winter of Code and OWASP Summer Code Sprint.

Pwning my first system in my first year of high school (I'll tell you more for a beer!), I got addicted to infosec. I've been working as a security consultant for about 2 years now: every project is a new challenge and the simple fact to learn something new everyday is awesome.

When I'm not working or when I'm traveling, I pwn embedded devices because you can find some awful (and to some extent funny) things! (wanna see?) From IP cameras to routers, I try to cherry-pick a little bit a everything, from different countries and different manufacturers.

Sometimes I find some free time and feel motivated to write something. When it happens, this is the place where I post it. Have a look around and if you want to discuss, feel free to contact me via email (address at the bottom).

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